Mid-Atlantic Vietnamese Golf Association
Members Only

Member Benefits

  1. Full use of the GHIN handicap system and eGolfer.
  2. Bi-monthly Virginia Golfer magazine.
  3. Bi-monthly email update of the GHIN handicap index information.
  4. Eligible to sign up for the tournaments held by VSGA.
  5. Eligible to compete main tournaments for both NET & GROSS score prizes held by MAVGA club while non-members (see Non-Member policy for details) are ONLY allowed to compete for the closet to the pin and longest drive
  6. MAVGA members shall get priority sign-ups for the club’s main tournaments or monthly outings.
  7. Compete fairly with other members within the club by using the same GHIN handicap system.
  8. MAVGA club's website is available for viewing the results of the main tournaments and the weekly/monthly outings.
  9. Join online discussion forum to exchange tips, opinions and personal news with fellow members via our club website.
  10. Last but not least, the chance to build strong friendships among the members within the club.